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How to Choose a Good Domestic Cleaner

Cleanliness is said to be second to godliness. Cleaning of any kind is vital in one’s life. Domestic cleaning ensures that we live in a safe environment. Due to the current work trends where one has less time at home may raise the need for hiring domestic cleaners. They clean dirty utensils, wash clothes and any other form of cleaning in your home.

The three main categories of domestic Cleaners
The first kind is the freelancer domestic cleaner who is by themselves with no organization but will offer those services at a fee. The second type is the house helpers. In most cases they are women who come and do cleaning in homes for a set period of time, they do not stay in their employers house.The third type of domestic cleaners is known as maids and they can be of any gender. Most maids are part of a company who finds them jobs they come to your home and do domestic cleaning following the rules of their companies. They may reside in the employers’ home or may work during the day and go back to their residents.

no matter which category you are to hire there are some factors to be put into account.

Is the domestic cleaner you intend to hire insured? When cleaning anything can occur and you do not want to have the accident fault pinned on you. Their own insurance is god to ensure they cater for themselves.

Do proper information seeking on the domestic worker
This should be done carefully ensuring that no stone is left un turned. Remember not to assume anything for you will be trusting a stranger with your home.Don’t be too trusting and overlook something to ensure you do not dig your own grave.Be keen to counter check the information they give you by verifying with the relevant authorities and previous employers.

Service Charge
Look for a domestic cleaner or service provider who fits in your budget. Do not over strain yourself to pay for services you can get from another company at affordable rates. Get to know what is included in their charge if they will come with their own cleaning detergents or you will need to provide them. it will help in planning of your budget and not get hidden expenses introduced during cleaning.

Work schedule
These schedule will help you in knowing what will be cleaned and at what time. Do not forget to know which places they will clean.

There are different service providers of these services in the market.you can be referred to by someone or get them from the internet.Whichever the place you get our cleaner from ensure that you put these factors into account before hiring any.

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