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This is Where Funding for Your Nonprofit Will Come From!

The contribution to social welfare by nonprofits in the world today is well documented. All philanthropic organizations are nonprofit outfits that earmark all their resources for serving communities round the globe. One good example of a nonprofit organization that does a lot of good is the good old Salvation Army. The Salvation army,which has a presence in 109 nations spread across the world is a recipient of generous amounts of donations from wealthy individuals and organizations,which it employs to address needs in various parts of the world. The largest donors in the Unites States gave 5.6 billion dollars in 2016 to Nonprofit organizations,according to The Chronicle of Philanthropy. There was a drop in the level of donations given between 2014 and 2015,and one hopes this trend will be reversed in the coming years. Four of the first nine biggest donors on the list were big tech companies while 16 were people who had made their wealth in finance. An interesting fact is that 20% of the total contribution was given by just 9 donors. Wouldn’t it be of great interest to fund raisers in nonprofit organizations to know where all these donations go?

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Learning institutions such as colleges and Universities received about 50% of the contributions from the wealthy in the U.S. It is highly likely that most of the individuals on the donors list felt compelled to give to these institutions because that is where the foundation of their phenomenally successful lives had been laid.
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It appears like some of the truly wealthy really love art. This is because museums received a whopping 293 million dollars of the gifts. 175 million dollars of the donations found home in two museums located in the United States. New York’s Museum of Modern Art got 100 million dollars while The Los Angeles County Museum received 75 million.
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If you run a nonprofit organization and would want to know if these big givers ever think of organizations such as yours,you are hereby reliably informed that DAFs(Donor-Advised Funds)received at least 328 million dollars. Some people on the donors list choose to work with public charity,an arrangement that allows them to make decisions relating to who actually receives the funds over time. This is a beautiful arrangement that lets the wealthy giver save a lot of money through taking advantage of certain tax laws that allow donations given to public charity to be deducted from the taxable income of the person or their company,and at the same time,build a fund that keeps nonprofits doing what they do best-bettering the lives of their communities.

When you sit down at the next board meeting to strategize on who to approach for funding,think of public charity who might put in a good word for you to the donors.