Things to Look for in a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Tulsa

When a person is accused of an offense, their first step should be to hire a criminal defense lawyer in Tulsa to ensure their rights are fully protected. A competent defense attorney can work to protect the client’s interests and vindicate them if they’re innocent. The criteria in this guide can help potential clients find the right law firm for their needs.


Trust is a crucial element of the attorney/client relationship. Clients should be able to confide in their lawyers but, in some cases, an attorney may make little or no effort to build a case. Before hiring a lawyer, a defendant should do their own research and talk to the attorney’s past clients if possible. Finally, the potential client should schedule an in-person consultation with the attorney to ensure compatibility and reliability.

A Good Professional Relationship With Court Personnel

Defense attorneys should have good working relationships with the area’s judges and courtroom staff. It may be beneficial to go to an open court session to watch the lawyer work. Some attorneys are more well-respected than others are, and the firm a client chooses should be held in high regard. The court’s perception of a lawyer is perhaps more important than his or her win and loss record.

Prior Experience

It’s a little-known fact that law school doesn’t fully prepare an attorney to go into practice. Criminal defense is a very complex area, and new cases are decided each day. An experienced lawyer can put the pieces together and use past results to ensure new clients are treated fairly and given a chance to prevail in court.

Negotiating Skills

Not all criminal cases require trials. Every day, people are charged with crimes where guilt is not disputed, and prosecutors often offer plea deals or reduced charges. It is essential … Read More ...

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Protecting Your Family: What to Consider When Finding the Perfect Criminal Defense Lawyer

It’s almost inevitable that a person will have a need for an attorney at one time or another in their life. Attorneys handle issues with a person’s estate, suing a negligent driver over injuries suffered in a vehicle accident, or DUI arrests. Just because a person has been arrested doesn’t mean they’re guilty. Every attorney was taught in college to represent their client to the best of their ability. Some attorneys gain experience in many legal matters simply because they make them their main course of business. Some attorneys work at prosecuting those said to have committed a crime, while others work diligently defending them.

Protecting Your Family: What to Consider When Finding the Perfect Criminal Defense Lawyer

Quite often individuals are arrested for something they didn’t do. This is why “innocent until proven guilty” is a presumption of innocence. When a person is arrested and obtains a lawyer, the lawyer does the talking for them. The client meets with a potential attorney who provides a free consultation. He/She goes over the case with the accused and offers some guidance. Clients have the right to chose an attorney they feel comfortable with and one that listens and believes they can win the case.

Additional Aspects to Consider

Some people are guilty, and their attorney can assist them to receiving a lesser sentence, probation, accept a plea bargain or submit to anger management. Every crime isn’t about murder or criminal atrocities. Some people are arrested because they’ve mistreated a spouse throughout divorce proceedings. Some fight with spouses because they didn’t receive custody of their children when the marriage ended in divorce.

Drug, DUI, and Domestic Issues

These are charges that can be overcome by the person prosecuted. An attorney has the ability to help a client stay out of jail, keep … Read More ...

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Protecting Assets Through Probate Law

Probate laws are extremely important because of the changes in the modern family structure. There are many more divided families, unmarried couples and other unique arrangements than ever before. Probate law protects the wishes of people regarding who receives ownership of their property after they pass.

Step One – Preparing a Will

Hiring a probate lawyer in Singapore from IRB Law is a reliable way to make certain that the will is properly prepared. It will account for all assets and make a clear determination about how they are to be dispersed. The will also names the executor. This is the person that will follow the instructions of the will. If no executor is named or if they have previously passed away the Court will appoint an executor for the estate.

Step Two – Getting a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration

A grant of probate is needed if someone is named as an executor in a will. Receiving this form involves completing some legal documents verifying the right to act an the executor and submitting the will, death certificate and any other necessary material to the court. Letters of Administration are supplied by the court when there is no will. Any heir can apply for this but the court will give the authorization to the person they believe has priority. This could be parents, spouses or siblings or children.

Step Three – Distributing Assets to the Heirs

The property is divided once the paperwork is completed and the court has determined the validity of all documents. The balance of the estate is then divided according to the instructions in the will or how the executor believes the individual would have wanted the assets split. It is a good idea to have legal assistance during this step if there … Read More ...

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FAQs About Divorce In Connecticut

In Connecticut, divorce petitioners face a variety of questions when filing for a divorce. Each circumstance in divorce cases are unique, and there isn’t a uniform standard for the cases. For this reason, petitioners turn to divorce attorneys when they have questions. A divorce petitioner can provide them with the clarity they need to file a petition.

What is a Service by the Public?

Service by the public is a strategy used to achieve a divorce when the petitioner doesn’t know the whereabouts of their spouse. The petitioner must place an ad in the legal section of the local newspaper for at least six weeks. The defendant has a period of sixty days after the last publication to respond to the summons or ad. If the defendant fails to respond, the petitioner can achieve a divorce based on a default judgment.

How Does Domestic Violence Affect a Divorce Case?

If a petitioner is a victim of domestic violence, they can acquire a protection order. The order prevents any contact between them and their spouse. If the court deems the defendant as a risk to the victim after the divorce, the order is extended. If the child of the couple was a victim as well, the court will require supervised visitation or terminate the attacker’s parental rights.

What are the Provisions for Using Mental Incompetency as a Ground?

The defendant must be admitted into a mental or long-term care facility for at least two years. The medical records that define the defendant’s mental condition must show that their illness doesn’t have a cure. The petitioner must provide all evidence to the court to substantiate their claim.

What Happens During a Legal Separation?

Essentially, the couple has the right to live separately while staying married. They both have access to all marital … Read More ...

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