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Importance of Tea and Coffee to our Bodies

Tea and coffee are natural substances which are very helpful to the body and the general health of a person. There can be instant or brewed kinds of coffee that you can make use of. Studies have shown that there are many benefits which are associated with consuming tea and coffee which are very beneficial to our bodies. There are many benefits of drinking tea and coffee and this have been scientifically proven to be very true. Some of the ways include preventing stroke, cancer and heart diseases. Your body can benefit a lot by drinking tea. Tea contains antioxidants like flavonoids, catechins, polyphenols and others which are helpful in removing the free radicals found in our bodies and keeps the healthy cells safe and healthy away from any damages that might be caused by the free radicals. There are many diseases that can be prevented when one drinks tea. The antioxidants are important to the body, they can also be found in different fruits, nuts, meat, vegetables and wines.

Tea contains fluoride which is helpful to your teeth and it also reduces the bacterial levels keeping your breath fresh. Different types of tea have different benefits to the body. Consider why the hot tea is better than the iced tea and compare it with the different tea types available to see what will benefit your body most. If you drink the higher quality teas they have more catechin antioxidants than when you drink, the lower quality teas.

Drinking green tea adds more catechin antioxidants to your body. Some teas like the unfermented rooibos tea contain more polyphenol antioxidants, and so it is helpful to your body. People should also drink freshly brewed teas which have more polyphenol antioxidants than the instant or the bottled teas. This means different kinds of tea have different benefits to the body.
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Drinking teas also help your heart. Tea helps in reducing the cholesterol levels and keeps you away from the heart diseases.
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Tea can prevent cancer from your body. Drinking green tea helps to stop esophageal cancer. When you drink tea you are safe from colon cancer. Other types of cancer that can be avoided include the skin cancer, the prostate cancer and this happens when you drink tea regularly. The stomach cancer is reduced when you take tea.
It reduces the hypertension risks. The green tea components also aids in killing the leukemia cells and boosts the body immunity system.With the so many benefits associated with drinking tea, it is important to drink it regularly.